For more than twenty years The Simulation Group has been putting an end to guesswork in business.

Our success stories include work across the resources, transport, logistics, telecommunications and private equity sectors.

Whether it be resource companies with supply chain challenges, telecommunications companies developing new infrastructure or transport operators seeking clarity around capital works, no problem is too big or too complex.

No matter what the challenge, The Simulation Group will help you end guesswork and make better decisions by using one of its FIVE KEY PROCESSES.


Perhaps you have big capital expenditure decisions. This process illuminates possible investment options and works through the best decision, giving you more robust answers and actionable commercial insights.


Being able to increase productivity or reduce costs is a must in today’s world. The Spotlight process highlights areas in complex systems where efficiencies can be made.


The two-week Forensic process unravels your data to show you where to focus your efforts.
The process deciphers reports and dashboards to deliver a concise picture of what is happening with your operation.


Perhaps you have one or several analytics systems but you’re not sure how to get the most out of them. The Focus process determines whether what you have suits your business objectives and helps find the answers you seek.


Take control of analytics. Our Generate process helps train, mentor and enable your team to take full advantage of modelling and analytics.