About Us

Since 1999, our mission has been to help you make sense of your data.

We want to make your data talk in a language you understand.

Not a language of vague insights and unclear directions, but the language of predictive analytics.

The Simulation Group was founded with that mission in mind and remains true to that objective.

We are ending guesswork in big business.

We are a passionate group of problem solvers that find harmony in understanding how systems work.

We use a range of analytical techniques, modelling languages, software solutions and web tools to simplify system dynamics.

Among our team of global experts are some of the pioneers of dynamic simulation.

We have combined this expertise with years of insights to make data work for you.

The results? Our loyal client base get unparalleled insights into the personality of their business and can make decisions with certainty.

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We’re proud of our company culture and three core values which, together, make The Simulation Group a great place to work. Our values guide us towards achieving great things for clients and provide staff with a great sense of identity and inspiration.


We’re about working and winning together in pursuit of the greater good.


Integrity is a pivotal part of our business, making us a trusted employer and partner.


Our ability to innovate comes down to our innate curiosity. We promote self-expression with clients reaping the rewards.