Putting an end to guesswork
in big business.

Putting an end to guesswork
in big business.


Why has TSG Consulting become The Simulation Group?

We started out as The Simulation Group in 1999 with a focus on using simulation to provide real, robust answers. Along the way we became TSG Consulting as our team and services expanded. In 2015 we decided we had it right the first time and reverted to The Simulation Group – it’s not the only thing we do, but our name is an important reminder of where we’ve come from in our effort to end guesswork.



Do you have big capital decisions to make? The Simulation Group’s Illuminate process helps show you the best decision.


Do you need to increase productivity? The Simulation Group’s Spotlight process helps identify possible improvements.

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Do you need to see what’s happening with your data? Our two-week Forensics process will get you there.

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Do you need to see how your analytics systems are working? Our Focus process audits systems.

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Do you need to expand the capability? The Simulation Group’s Generate process focuses on training.



Nothing Too Big

We’ve supported investment decisions worth billions of dollars. We’ve already done big.


Nothing Too Complex

We’ve modelled some of the most complex models there are. You can trust us to get the job done.


Nothing Left to Chance

Draw on the successes of previously proven teams and models to get you what you need, quicker and better than anyone else.


Nothing Like Evidence

Creating deep evidence to support robust decisions; one of our models has even been an expert witness with billions on the line.



We guarantee a 100% ROI before we even take a job, so you can rest assured you’re making a smart decision when the stakes are high.